Volunteer with Key Farmers Cameroon

Cameroonians are proud of their culture and love welcoming people from outside to integrate and mix in with their local customs and way of life. Key Farmers volunteer programs are based on the idea of providing services to disadvantaged people and growing communities in Cameroon. It is also about exchanging knowledge and cultures, both for the locals and for the volunteers.

Volunteering with Key Farmers Cameroon involves engaging with local development issues, it means conducting community- oriented research and engaging directly with project stakeholders, our members and our work partners.

What you will do as a volunteer?

Key Farmers Cameroon works with farmers from more than 50 common initiative groups and cooperatives every year. Volunteering with Key Farmers does not mean collecting donations and answering phones– it is about hands-on practical experience in the field and meeting people where they are, be it on farms, at the microfinance or in schools.

Volunteering with Key Farmers Cameroon means:

  • Speaking at events
  • Conducting community-driven research
  • Developing project management skills
  • Providing timely solutions to current problems
  • Cultural exchange

How do I become a volunteer?

Check the Current Volunteer Program Areas above regularly for volunteering opportunities. Volunteers are accepted on a rolling application basis.

If you have any questions about a particular program – just e-mail: keyfarmerscameroon@yahoo.com