Key Farmers Cameroon began putting to work the expertise it has gained over the years to assist rural poor farmers to increase agricultural production and income, so they could be able to reduce hunger, child malnutrition and be able to send their children back to school.

Specifically, the objectives are to:

  • Help provide solutions to problems existing in the local agricultural system
  • Provide good quality and affordable agricultural education to children and youths
  • Acquire and provide high-yielding seedlings, better tools and other inputs to farmers
  • Prevent rural – urban exodus by assisting youths to embark on environmentally sound projects
  • Assist poor and disadvantaged families take active part in community development
  • Empower rural women and assist them to come up with small enterprise development projects, to improve their conditions.
  • Educate members on financial management and set up a microfinance for farmers

Key Farmers Cameroon is highly interested in agricultural
and other research activities.

One of the biggest research projects carried out thus far is the biochar research which took place from 2008 to 2009 with the Biochar Fund from Belgium. Key Farmers and its partner, the Biochar Fund – Belgium were highly engaged in the first ever biochar trial project conducted in Cameroon and Central Africa in general. The biochar research was intended to help farmers to increase food production in order to alleviate hunger.

As part of its research activities geared towards crop production, the organization is currently training its members on bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticide management as a means to further increase income of rural farmers.

Some of the activities of Key Farmers Cameroon are:

  •  Sustainable food production
  •  Mushroom farming
  •  Cocoa production and processing
  •  Bio-pesticides management
  •  Nutrition and health education
  •  Agroforestry
  •  Environmental education
  •  Micro finance
  •  Marketing
  •  Waste management & recycling
  •  Composting