Orientation week for volunteers

The introduction week includes a general orientation and a short tutorial on the local Cameroonian languages. After that, an agreement form will be signed. During this period, the volunteer will start his/her voluntary work and live with the host family or in a nearby hotel.

During the first weeks of placement there will be regular meetings to evaluate your progress of work and provide you with any help if needed. This process is designed to ensure that you both enjoy your voluntary work, and that it meets your expectations.


Key Farmers has no standard requirement regarding education or work experience. However we do expect the volunteer to have an open mind and genuine interest in the culture of Cameroon and in the program you choose to work for. Please see the volunteer page for our current volunteer opportunities.


Volunteers will be based in Kumba where many types of accommodation are available, ranging from a home stay family to a local hotel. Key Farmers will assist you according to your preferences. At a minimum, volunteers will have their own private room. In Kumba water, electricity and toilets are common. However, in most rural settings these facilities are absent, although sometimes water may be supplied from local boreholes or springs.


There are a variety of local foodstuff in the markets, as well as local and European dishes in restaurants or eating houses. Depending on the volunteer’s preferences you have the option of eating with your host family, cooking your own meals, eating in local restaurants or arranging for house help to cook for you.

Length of Stay

Due to the nature of the work and the time it takes to become familiar with the country and local context, volunteers are expected to commit to a minimum of four weeks.

There is no limit to the length of your stay. It is completely up to you.

Duration and contribution

To cover costs associated with staying in Cameroon, volunteers with Key Farmers Cameroon are expected to contribute based on the duration of their stay.

What is included:

  • Pick up from airport in Cameroon
  • Orientation
  • Accommodation
  • Meals and costs relating to your host family
  • Certificate of participation

What is not included:

  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Telephone and internet costs
  • Local transport
Duration Contribution
4 weeks £ 400  (US $ 800)
8 weeks £ 600  (US $ 1200)
12 weeks £ 700  (US $ 1400)
16 weeks £ 800  (US $ 1600)
20 weeks £ 900  (US $ 1800)

A portion of this contribution supports Key Farmers Cameroon initiatives and programming.