On October 17-19, 2016, Key Farmers Cameroon national coordinator Etchi Daniel Jones led a three-day workshop on Vegetative Propagation with the student pastors and other members of the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Kosala. The goals of the workshop were to empower these student pastors with innovative agricultural skills so that they could utilize the farmland behind their seminary and increase their food supplies and incomes. The second goal was for these student pastors to empower  their Christians and non – Christians in their various congregations in different rural communities and towns were they will be posted to preach the word of God after graduation.

The first day focused on detailed lectures surrounding marcotting, grafting and budding and the second and third days applied that knowledge into practice. Over 70 members participated in the three-day workshop, including the Dean of studies and 5 lecturers and other staff. Participants were eager and attentive during the training and are looking forward to their future application of vegetative propagation as their own contribution in promoting food security and environmental conservation.