Humid Tropics, ICRAF, AVRDC, IITA and CIRAD have joined in collaboration to launch innovation platforms in Cameroon. Nationwide, three sites have been selected; Bamenda in the NW, Mbalmayo in the South and Kumba in the South West. As a well-connected, knowledgeable and influential organization, Key Farmers Cameroon has been selected to lead the efforts of farmers, producers, processors and business people in Kumba.

The mission of the Innovation Platform is “to mobilize stakeholders along selected commodity value chains to work in line with Humid Tropics in order to improve the livelihoods of farmers via the Road for Development.” Thus far, the platform has selected maize, cassava, huckleberry and okongobong as their focus crops and has created two demo plots, one in Kumba and another in the neighboring village of Konye.

Key Farmers is excited to head this venture and hopes to successfully bring together community stakeholders from various links in the agricultural value chain to empower farmers and other community members throughout the region.